This year’s theme.

Taytay Pasinggatan 2023:

“Paglingon sa Apat na Daang Taon at

Matalinong Pagharap sa mga Hamon ng Makabagong Panahon”

The theme “Paglingon sa Apat na Daang Taon at Matalinong Pagharap sa mga Hamon ng Makabagong Panahon” for Taytay Pasinggatan 2023 refers to the commemoration of the 400th year since the town of Taytay, Rizal, Philippines was founded. The theme also highlights the importance of facing the challenges of the modern era with wisdom and intelligence.

The first part of the theme “Paglingon sa Apat na Daang Taon” translates to “Looking back at four hundred years.” This part of the theme acknowledges the rich history and cultural heritage of Taytay and encourages the community to reflect on the past and appreciate the journey that the town has taken over the centuries.

The second part of the theme “Matalinong Pagharap sa mga Hamon ng Makabagong Panahon” translates to “Intelligent Response to the Challenges of the Modern Era.” This part of the theme recognizes that the world is constantly changing, and the challenges faced by the community are becoming more complex. The theme encourages the community to approach these challenges with intelligence and wisdom, using the lessons learned from the past to create a better future for Taytay.

Overall, the theme for Taytay Pasinggatan 2023 seeks to celebrate the town’s rich history while also encouraging the community to face the future with intelligence and wisdom.

Annual Pasinggatan Festival

Pasinggat, which translates to “luster,” represents the radiance and brilliance of the “Estrella Del Norte” or Star of the North of Palawan – Taytay, Palawan located in the northern part of the Palawan island. This star is not only a physical landmark but also a cultural symbol that represents the spirit of the people of Taytay.

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400 Years Founding Anniversary

The 400th Year Civil Government Founding Anniversary of Taytay, Palawan is a significant milestone in the town’s history, and the page site dedicated to it provides a wealth of information about this important event. The site offers a brief overview of the town’s history, highlighting its role as the first capital of Palawan and its journey towards becoming a vibrant and progressive municipality.

This Year’s Activities

The Pasinggatan Festival 2023 page site provides information about the various activities and events that will be happening during the festival. From cultural performances and traditional ceremonies to food fairs and art exhibitions, visitors can expect a diverse range of activities to enjoy throughout the festival. The site offers details about the dates, times, and locations of each event, as well as ticket information and other important details for festival-goers. Additionally, the site may include information about the history of the festival, its significance to the local community, and any special features or highlights for the upcoming year.