The Final Schedule of Activities for the Pasinggatan Festival 2023 is out.

The Municipal Government of Taytay Palawan is proud to present the schedule of activities for the upcoming Pasinggatan Festival 2023. As we commemorate the 400 years of Civil Government of Taytay, Palawan, we have put together a series of festivities that we hope will bring joy and pride to our community.

Despite our limited resources, we have carefully planned a lineup of activities that showcases the best of our culture and traditions. We may not have a jam-packed schedule, but we assure you that every activity has been thoughtfully prepared with your interest in mind – the interest of Taytayanos.

We invite you to join us in this celebration of our heritage and the progress we have made as a community. Let us come together and enjoy the simple pleasures that the Pasinggatan Festival 2023 has to offer. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Update on the Pasinggatan Budget.

The 400-Year Founding Anniversary of Taytay, Palawan during the Pasinggatan Festival 2023 is a momentous occasion that the town has been eagerly looking forward to. The festival presents a crucial opportunity for the town to showcase its rich culture and history to visitors, honor its people’s contributions, and promote its unique cultural identity, boosting local businesses and generating tourism revenue.

It is vital that this celebration is carried out successfully, with sufficient funding and resources to ensure its triumph. The Municipal Government through the Hon. Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez has submitted a proposal for a Supplemental Budget to the Sangguniang Bayan to cover the costs of the celebration.

However, the proposed budget for the celebration was significantly reduced by the Sangguniang Bayan, which could compromise the event’s success, negatively impacting the town’s morale, pride and reputation, and its economy. To address this issue, the Municipal Mayor exercised his veto power and requested the Sangguniang Bayan to reconsider the original proposal, emphasizing the event’s importance and the necessity of adequate funding and resources for its success.

As of now, the Sangguniang Bayan has not taken any action on the Veto Message from Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez. The Mayor has requested the Council to hold a Special Session to address and act on the Supplemental Budget No. 1 that was vetoed. However, there has been no official communication released yet as to the conduct of the Special Session.

It is hoped that the Sangguniang Bayan will take into account the significance of the event, the pleasure of the Taytayanos who take pride of the Annual Pasinggatan Festival, the excitement brought about by the celebration of its 400 years rich history, and the necessity of appropriate funding and resources to ensure its success. The success of this event will not only benefit the town but also promote Taytay as a cultural and tourist destination in the region.