About the Logo

Eyes here fellow Taytayanos!

Have you still got that PASINGGATAN fever? Surely, who would not feel feverish about our almost-two-month celebration!

The festivities will still run until May, but here’s a little trivia for you in the meantime:

In honor of its Civil Government’s Founding Anniversary, this magnificent town is celebrating 400 years. The Pasinggatan Festival 2023 logo, expertly crafted by MICTO’s Graphic Artist Charlie C. Cardijon Jr., captures the essence of the occasion with a beautiful design.

A smiling star and a smiling kid you see,
Amidst all, you truly shine with glee.
Twinkle bright, with a headdress in sight
Shows our lifted spirits and life!

Years of challenges we encounter –
Pandemic, Typhoon Odette, and oil spill, too.
Like Fuerza Sta. Isabel de la Paragua we stand,
Founded, strong, historic and true.

The bamboo Taytayan, thus aid,
As origin of ‘Taytay,’ as named.
An anchor of the northern sky,
‘Estrella del Norte’ wave so high.

Let’s infuse life and inspiration into the 20th Pasinggatan Festival as we honor our culture, diversity, identity, and create history. Join the festivities and embrace the spirit of togetherness, Kasimanua!