1st Mayor CVR Cup 10-Ball Billiard Tournament

Join the Thrilling 1st Mayor CVR Cup 10-Ball Billiard Tournament at Pasinggatan Festival 2023 on April 29-30, 2023 at Municipal Covered Court, Barangay Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan.

Billiards is considered as a sport as it makes use of muscle energy, reflexes and burns a lot of energy in the process as it also requires a lot of skill and concentration. Any games with structured international professional competition have been referred to as sports events, not simply ‘games’.

Billiards has been popular in the Philippines long before World War II, after this country had been sold by Spain to the US in 1898. Its golden period would not be until 1999 when Filipino Billiard Legend Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes beat Taiwan’s Chang Hao-Ping at the World Pool Association (WPA) Nine-Ball Championship in Cardiff, Wales.

Billiards and Snooker were first included in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games during the 1997 SEA Games in Jakarta were Filipino Cue Artist mostly ruled and dominated the Billiards Sports Event.

Article VI, Section 16 (b) (7) of Republic Act No. 10588 otherwise known as Palarong Pambansa Act of 2013 institutionalized and includes Billiard as official sports events in the Secondary Division of the Palarong Pambansa.

This 1st Mayor CVR Cup 10-Ball Billiard Tournament (Handicapping) is one among other sports events in the celebration of the forthcoming 2023 Pasinggatan Festival of Taytay, Palawan aimed to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie, encouraged Billiards enthusiasts to participate and to develop young talent and skills among the youth.

Aside from the abovementioned premises, a lot of people – both adult and young ones – love playing Billiards, not just as it is a great way to improve their own skills, or simply pass the time with friends but they believed that there’s more to playing Billiards than others might think, and we don’t just mean technique. Playing Billiards – according to some research studies – has some health benefits such as but not limited to following; burn calories; it builds focus; improve critical thinking skills; it slows aging; improve stretching and balancing power; sharpens your mind; improves hand-eye coordination; and provides fun for all regardless of gender and age.

Exhibition Game Match

We are thrilled to announce that Champ Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes and Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante will be showcasing their skills in a 10-Ball Billiards Exhibition Match against the top three (3) local players from the Province of Palawan. This exciting event will be the highlight of our 1st Mayor CVR Cup 10-Ball Billiard Tournament.

Prizes at stake


Champion (w/ Trophy)P 12,000.00
1st Runner Up (w/ Certificate)P 7,000.00
2nd Runner Up (w/ Certificate)P 4,000.00
3rd Runner Up (w/ Certificate)P 2,000.00


Champion (w/ Trophy)P 12,000.00
1st Runner Up (w/ Certificate)P 7,000.00
2nd Runner Up (w/ Certificate)P 4,000.00
3rd Runner Up (w/ Certificate)P 2,000.00


For the Invitational Open for All Taytayanos Category, local rules for 10-Ball shall be applied while in the Invitational Open for All Palaweños Category, international rules in ‘banda’ shall strictly be implemented during tournament games;

Single elimination format, Race to Five (5), winners-break and draw lots for the opening and determining of game matches and sequence. Reentry will be allowed during the elimination round if in case the number of expected players fall short to the standard number of game match;

Referees’ decision is absolute and final;

The participating players should wear presentable shirts, pants and shoes during the tournament proper since no player shall be allowed to play when not doing so; and Tournament officials, participating players, aficionados and spectators present in the event area shall at all time practice and observe sportsmanship and proper decorum.

List of Qualified Players and Schedule of Games

To be posted here soon.

For more information

Please contact:

Mr. Ramil B. Gaviana 09171542777
Mr. Jeb F. Dayap 09271622119

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